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 Utilizing the "Big Switch" product saved us roughly 40% of costs and 100% of headaches on our most recent job. Not having to clear land, rent heavy equipment, and saving additional wages were a huge selling point for this product. Having only 2 employees place the product by hand was also a safe alternative to heavy equipment on a sever slope.  The Big Switch product did exactly what it was intended to do with great end results.
Jim Noon
Rex Energy- Manager, Waste

July 10, 2017 

Dear Joe:

Otis Eastern has been an installer of your product since your sales representative , Ray Keller, introduced it to us. The ease of installation, versatility and the variety of sizes are definitely a plus. The light but durable makeup of Big Switch makes it a very user friendly product.

Otis is currently constructing the Sunoco ME-II project in Chester and Delaware counties in Pennsylvania. This is a very difficult and challenging 35-mile dual 16" and 20" project. Over 40% of this project is HDD's consisting of Drill Pads in residential and commercial areas.

With the utilization of Big Switch at these sites, along with other cross county sites,we have been able to remove and reinstall your product daily without the problem of removing and reinstalling the heavier and cumbersome conventional wood chip sock.

The environmental inspectors on our new project have concluded that your product will be the wave of the future. Less footprint, easier installation and effective retainage of silt on the Permitted LOD is favorable.

Otis Eastern will definitely take advantage of your product on this and other projects in the future.

Sincerely, Jimmy Joyce - Project Manager (51 years of experience in the Pipeline industry).

The Big Switch Switchgrass Sock was very helpful during my site construction in Cambridge, Ohio.  It was very easy to install, proved to be effective as erosion and sediment control during construction, and was especially easy to remove when the job was done. Additionally, the ease of install allowed us to move the sock whenever we needed during the project. 

Gretchen Addington
General Manager at Hillstone Environmental Partners

There are 3 comments from Independence Excavating Executives that wanted to weigh in below:


The Big Switch product has always been readily available which makes maintenance very easy. Projects are always changing and E&S control is key, so it’s great having product available quickly. 
It’s also an item our projects can keep stocked on site in case of any emergency maintenance. I think this has been the biggest upside to using the product. Our ability to quickly and easily fix any issue we come across after heavy rain events. 
Tony Colella
Project Engineer at Independence Excavating, Inc.


To whom it may concern:
We have been using the Big Switch primarily from its conception and I have nothing negative to say. We have installed all sizes in many different applications and have had nothing but great results. 
The convenience of this product being lightweight and able to be installed without a machine and lowering the risk of back injuries is priceless. 
Not to mention all the approvals it has for general and very sensitive areas is unheard of. I have personally watched it become the product of choice for the local conservation district and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.
I can't say enough and would recommend this product to anybody anytime.  
May I also add. The BEG Group is a class act. 
Thank you
Tony Smith
Supervisor- Pittsburgh branch
Independence Excavating Inc.
3826 Saxonburg Blvd. 
Cheswick Pa. 15024


  I am responsible for all the SWEPP reports and installation of erosion material and the freedom to make any needed protection to keep up our status with the Conservation District and PennDOT on a road job on Rt 422 near Kittanning, Pa.
  We can haul and install very fast.
  When we have a wash develop due to ongoing construction we can cover 130 ft. of 12" by hand and with little effort. I'm 64 years old and can drag out 130 ft. of 12" with little effort if by myself. 
   What no machine handy to load or unload? I'll throw a pallet of lose 12" on my truck by myself and haul out to site by myself if need be to protect my site.
  Now under normal circumstances your crew can install as fast as you can get it to site. The staking takes them longest.
    The protection has been extremely efficient. This product picks up weight after hitting the ground. If in a high flow area, you may want to stake every 5 feet. The extra stakes are cheap protection to a fresh install.
 I have even used it along the road to keep wash from entering asphalt where the topsoil meets the road in a level grade without stakes.
  We have had some heavy rain on this site and the Big Switch has kept us at Independence Excavating out of the Dog House, so to speak.
  Another advantage is we have had to move it to allow for work in different areas. We have been able to move up to 24-inch sock without it falling apart and even reuse it in a nearby location.
Myself and all my men never want to handle the mulch sock again. It’s just too heavy. 
As opposed to mobilization costs of $1,000.00 in and $1,000.00 out, on average, for moving in woodchip blowers-and on this project, that would have cost an additional $12,000.00 minimum, Big Switch can do you no wrong when needing to save on install time and money!
  Tom Griggs
  Independence Excavating
  General Forman


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